Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sept. 18- Sept. 21

Our Week

Important Information:

  • Monday Folders, signed Reading Logs, Parent Journals and the letter for video taping is all due back to school Monday.  Please take a few moments to respond in the journal. 
  • If your child is going to be absent from school please notify the front office by 9 am at 423-5437.  Also remember that whoever comes to check your child out, they need to be on the emergency card.  You can update the list by going to Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 
  • Thank you for those who completed book orders!  We would like to get the order finished by Monday so if you haven't yet please send in your order or go online! 
  • Students should be completing math and reading each night.  Reading can be made up over the weekend. If they don't finish homework, they will be required to attend Study Hall from 3:30-4:00 to complete their work.  
  • You can reach me by email I try to check it periodically. 

This week was busy with a variety of learning!  Students continued working on their personal narratives in writing, focusing on adding sensory details.  This week we will be trying out different introductions- action, dialogue, and sensory as well as looking at word choice, voice, transitions, and endings.

In reading, students are making progress and adapting to the Daily 3 process- working on reading with various reading strategies, working on writing using journal prompts or our new list of genres and "things" we all came up with together.  The kids were excited about the many areas to choose from. This week we are excited to begin a book study with the whole class featuring "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio.  We will be alternating between "Wonder" and Daily 3 throughout the week.

Students have had the opportunity to learn more about social studies, science, and current events through the use of Scholastic News.  This week we learned about hurricanes, grizzly bears, and how text features in non-fiction publications can help us understand more about what we are reading. They also are enjoying P.E. and music as well as participating in tribes activities.

Project time is moving forward with students focusing on a specific Native American tribe in a specific region to research and study.  Students are researching their tribes and will soon begin working on creating their artifacts and presentations.  I will be sending a list of supplies needed  for students presentations and artifacts.  If you are able to donate something you have at home or are able to purchase items, it will be greatly appreciated!  Stay tuned for dates when this will take place!

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