Monday, February 19, 2018

Week of Feb. 12-15

We had an exciting week last week!  We started the week with Mr. Gould coming in and doing a presentation to further enhance our understanding of renewable and non-renewable energy sources to help students wrap up their informational essays. We incorporated a science standard in with our writing.  Students writing pieces are looking good and will be finished on Tuesday.  On Wednesday will begin a quick informational writing piece on George Washington to assess students informational writing skills.
  • Reading has kept students on their toes.  Most groups finished Meeting #2 last week.  I want to let you parents know that students can bring their books home and work on their reading or assignments due for their meeting date.  Students choose their meeting date and need to have a summary with red level question, reading response, their job, and their word detective finished before their meeting day.  Last week a few students were not ready to go, so I reminded them that it is their responsibility to have everything finished and ready to go for their meeting.  They are encouraged to take it home if they are not able to get it done in class and can use that for their 20 minutes of reading.  The summary is very quick.  Students should have plenty of time to get it done in class. 
  • We wrapped up our social studies unit/project on the 13 colonies.  Students presented a variety of projects about their specific colony, including skits, display boards and news discussions.  They presented to each other and the other 5th grade class Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday a few groups presented to Mrs. Weed's 8th grade class.  My students love to show their skills off! Following the presentations to the 8th grade, they took a quiz which will come home next week. 
  • We will begin our science unit on space and stars Tuesday.  IF anyone has glass jars, shoe boxes or flashlights they are willing to donate (flashlights will be returned, please put your name on it)  I would appreciate it greatly! We need them for a couple of hands on projects we will be doing this week. 
Valentines Day was a fun time had by all.  Students earned time to play games so they passed out valentines, ate some delicious snacks thanks to many of you and enjoyed game time.  I was able to finally introduce  my granddaughter to my students and she loved dancing and visiting with the kids. 

Important Information
  • Field trip to Fleischmann Planetarium will be on Friday, March 2nd.  We have plenty of drivers if something comes up.  We will be viewing the program "From Earth to the Universe" in the planetarium and touring the exhibit hall, followed by a sack lunch on the grounds. We will be leaving the school at 8:30 am and returning at approximately 1:30 pm. Permission slips will be coming home this week.  Please return by Monday, February 26th.
  • As our 2nd trimester ends on March 8th, students will be participating in several language arts and reading assessments to help gauge growth of learning. Please remind your child to do their best and get lots of rest! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Week of February 5-8

Highlights of the Week in Room 5:

  • Our Informational Essays are coming along and we hope to wrap them up by the end of next week. Students are learning not only about the process of writing informational essays, but important information about various forms of energy conservation, such as hydro power, wind turbines, and solar energy.  They have also gained a greater knowledge of what renewable and non-renewable energy is. 
  • Book Clubs continue to be running smooth.  I am impressed with them rising to the occasion and having insightful discussions.  Students are learning how to talk about their book, take on responsibility, ask deeper level questions and practice attentive listening to each other. 
  • Colony project are well underway!  Presentations will be Monday and Tuesday of next week with the other 5th grade class.  Students have researched, collaborated and are now using their creativity to present their information.  It will be fun to see which group is the most successful at convincing others to move to their colony based on the original 13 colonies. 
Upcoming Events/ Information: 
  • Valentineś Party will be on Wednesday afternoon.  If students are sharing valentines, please make sure everyone is included.  I sent a class list home with students on Monday in their Monday folders or with their work.  Students earned game time from Class Dojo points so we will be combining the two.  We will exchange valentineś, have some snacks and play board games!  Students can bring in their favorite board game if they wish.  We have a lot in class that they can play also. 
  • After finishing up Colony presentations we will begin a new science unit on Earthś Place in the Universe.  We will need some supplies to help them support the argument that the apparent brightness of the sun and stars is due to their relative distance from Earth. If you have any of this around home or do not mind sending in, we will all be very appreciative! Please bring them in by next Thursday 2/15 if possible.  Thanks for your help! 
    • Wide mouth glass jars with lids. 
    • Shoe boxes
    • Flashlights (which will be returned) * please label with name
  • We have booked the field trip to the Fleischmann Planetarium for Friday, March 2nd.  We will be viewing the program ¨From Earth to the Universe¨ in the planetarium and touring the exhibit hall starting at 10:00am.  Following the exhibit hall we will have a sack lunch (bring one!) on the grounds.  We will meet in the school parking lot and leave at 8:30 am.  We do have some room for siblings.  More info to come on sibling age and specifics regarding transportation.  If you have not responded regarding your childś attendance, please let me know ASAP! Thank you!  
  • We have had conversations about being attentive listeners, tracking the speaker and being respectful to our classmates and others (especially all adults).  Please support me in this endeavor to continue reinforcing happy, kind, respectful students!! 
  • Please contact me if you ever have any questions and thank you for your wonderful children! 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Week of January 29- February 1st.

Students have been working hard this week!  Highlight of the week include:

Writing: Our Informational Reports on Energy Conservation are coming along.  We have been doing a few different things to help build background knowledge.  This week we watched a "virtual field trip" to the Mojave Desert and to Palmyra Atoll Islands to learn more about how we get energy, without harming nature.  We learned how they are using wind and sunlight as renewable resources.  Students should have completed their introductory paragraph and will continue working on their body paragraphs this week as they wrap up their research.

Reading: Most students had their first Book Club meeting this week and they did awesome!  I was impressed with students who had the job of Discussion Director and kept their group on task.  We discussed what we need to work on and found that the deeper level thinking question was more difficult then they realized.  This week we will focus on a few mini lessons to help them with digging deeper and being attentive listeners.

Projects: Each tribe has been researching details about their designated Colony and have started plans for their project to convince others to move to their Colony.  I am excited for their creativity to shine through commercials, skits, and display boards for their presentations.  Students will present to our class and the other 5th grade class this Thursday and Monday 2/12.

  • Specials changed this week and they are now in Lego Robotics.  Mrs. Keitz has a wonderful time with the students and they have been excited for Tuesday and Thursday. Monday and Wednesdays are still P.E. 
  • This week we are going to begin some weekly lessons focusing on Growth Mindset and discussions about how we treat others.  We will also continue to work in small groups to determine the meaning of a work by how it is used within the context of a text. 

Important Information: 
  • Students have earned a "game party" for everyone achieving at least 75 Class DoJo points per students so far in the year.  I am planning to have the party in conjunction with Valentines Day. 
    • Valentines Day is coming up on 2/14 and students will be able to bring Valentines if they wish.  If they bring them, please include everyone in the class. 
    •  If you need a class list, let me know and I'll get you one. 
    • IF you would like to donate food for the celebration (cookies, fruit, drinks, etc.)  please let me know so I can plan accordingly. 
  • The second trimester end on March 8th.  We will be assessing students in a variety of areas of the next few weeks in preparation for report cards.  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be in April. 
  • Sex Education for 5th grade will be held on Thursdays in March during their "specials" time. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Your children are all amazing individuals. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Week of January 22-26

We have been busy finalizing projects and getting new ones started the last couple of weeks. We had a great time going to see "Wonder" at the movie theater and my students were awesome! 

In writing we have started a new Informational piece of writing.  We are using a science standard to cover this area.  Students are researching different topics on energy conservation.  They will research what their chosen topic is, why it is important, what others are doing and finally, how we can implement some ways in our community, home and at Oasis Academy.  We had a great presentation by Mr. Carroll that talked about energy conservation.  The kids were engaged and asking lots of questions!  I loved it!  Thank you Mr. Carroll!  Next week will be doing a virtual field trip to keep students interest level peeked and on target.

In reading we have started Book Clubs.  So far, I am amazed at some of the conversations I am hearing in some of the groups.  We had to change a couple of books once we got started so they are at different points in their reading plans.  Each student has their own job which they are responsible to be ready for on their meeting date.  They have to find new or interesting words for their word detective as well as write a summary of the assigned reading and a red level question to discuss with their group.  I can't wait to hear the discussions during their first meeting.  We also have our 40 book challenge going on. Their Book Club book does count toward this (some students were worried it didn't)  and I'm so excited to see so many vigorously reading their books and then whining when time is up... (don't tell them that I like the whines) ;) Keep encouraging them at home!

We have also started a new launch into our next project on the 13 colonies.  We have been doing some activities all week for some background knowledge, which will continue throughout the unit, and Thursday they were able to make new Tribe names/posters and plan out their project.  I will be anxious to see their final products. 

  • BOOK ORDERS are due by MONDAY.  I extended it a week in case more of you would like to order.  New books are a great way to get your kids excited about reading!  I love it when kids are excited for the order and then we get new ones in the classroom also!  Please consider ordering.  I'll send another one out next month.  
  • Thanks for sharing your kids- I am loving each unique personality!  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week of January 8-11th

I want to apologize- I started the blog last week and saved it, then forgot to finish and left town! Oops!  Here is a glance at last week:

Writing- We have been working on an informative essay based on the book "Wonder."  We will be wrapping this up on Tuesday and moving into an informative essay on ways to save our environment.  We will be covering a Science standard through our writing process.

Reading- Students worked hard to create a project based on our book.  Some of them were able to present on Thursday and did so great!  I look forward to hearing the rest of them Tuesday.  Next week we will be starting book clubs in class as well as wrapping up all our "Wonder" projects.

  • If your child has not told you about their new reading challenge, here it is:  
    • We are doing a 40 book challenge!!  I'm really excited about it and so far so are the kids! 
    • They will read 40 books of different genres.  I want them to appreciate all different kinds of book and am hoping this will open their minds to endless possibilities.  I am taking on the challenge with them and so far, I am not doing as well as they are! I've got to pick up my pace. :) 
    • Please talk and discuss books with your children and take the challenge with us!  If you are interested, let me know and I'll send a few papers home for you! 
  • We will be watching "Wonder" on Wednesday.  I am so excited!! I waited so still have not seen the movie.  We will be eating lunch in the classroom Wednesday, leave at 12:30 and return to the school around 3:30.  Don't forget to send in your permission slips and $5.00.  Students will not be able to purchase other snacks there.  
Projects- We started a Kindness Mission!! I have loved seeing your children writing notes, cleaning cubbies, being a better friend and just overall, being a little kinder to see what can happen.  They are amazing kids!! 
We have been working on our states and capitals, so have your children practice!  We will finish up next Thursday and start on the colonization of the United States the following week. 

Thanks for all your support! 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Welcome Back- January!

Happy New Year to you and your family!  I'm looking forward to seeing my students Monday and hearing about their break.  I wanted to let you know of a few things:

  • Our field trip to the movie "Wonder" had to be postponed until Wednesday, January 17th.  We have had a hard time getting things set in stone, but finally it is!  There will be a permission slip in your child's Monday folder to sign and send back BY Thursday Jan. 11th along with $5 for admission to the movie an a small popcorn and drink.  
  • Please send in the Monday folders and family journal on Monday- it was a long break and might have been set aside. 
  • I will be implementing a reading challenge and wanted you as parents to be aware of what was going on. The challenge is to read books from different genres.  We will discuss genre characteristics and have some more class time for silent reading.  I am hoping this will help my students to possibly find new books they wouldn't normally read and develop a deeper love for reading. I will be checking in with them weekly and would love for you as parent to check in with your child to see how things are going for them also. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Week of Dec. 11th-14th

It sure has been busy at school the past week.  Students have worked hard and are definitely getting ready for Christmas break.  Their excitement and level is high and I'm sure next week will be magnified even more. We only have four more days to push through and then two weeks off!

In writing we have been working on an opinion/persuasive piece.  Students have had to write and prove what the best gift would be with reasons to back their claims up.  It has been fun and we hope to wrap them up on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

We finally finished our book "Wonder" it has been such a joy reading this with the kids and hearing their insightful comments.  It has brought up many different topics which kids are dealing with also.  Auggie is now embedded in all our hearts. We worked on the strategy of compare and contrasting different characters in the book.  It helped us to see a few characters in a new light.  Next week we will be doing a few different activities around "Wonder" and having our vocabulary test on the words from "Wonder".  Kids can practice at home and access them by going to, searching for my name (nichyde) or use this link you can copy and paste into your browser:
The test will be on Thursday!
  • We will be going to see the movie "Wonder" as a class in the afternoon on Wednesday, January 10th.  We will be walking to the Fallon Theater on Main Street.  The cost is $5.00 which includes entrance into the movie, a small drink and popcorn.  You can send your money in next week or on Monday Jan. 8th.  We will be going with the 5th and 6th grade classes.  Last year they went to a movie together and want to keep the tradition going.  We are excited!  
In projects we are working on learning the states and capitals of the United States.  Students have been working on acrostic poems of the 50 states and learning a few things.  We will be starting the colonization of the United States soon after the Christmas break.

  • Our holiday celebration will be on Thursday afternoon.  Please have food/snacks here by 1:30.  We will do our "Secret Friend" exchange of gifts, have a little craft and then students voted they would like to watch a movie.  Monday they will vote for which one.  It will be a Christmas themes one that is G or PG.  I'll send out an email so you are aware which one it will be.  
  • If for any reason you cannot send in a gift for the "Secret Friend" exchange, please let me know ASAP. I do not want to have anyone left out of the exchange and am more than happy to get something, I just need some time. 
  • Please send in gifts anytime next week.  Only put who the gift is for, not who it is from. 
  • Thank you so much to Shauna and her parents for bringing in a small tree for us to use.  
  • Lots of sicknesses are rapidly being shared by all, so PLEASE rest up this weekend, wash your hands often and if your  child is sick, keep him home so we don't spread it more than is needed! 
  • Call the office 423-5437 by 9am if your child is sick.  It really helps our wonderful office ladies! 

Week of Feb. 12-15

We had an exciting week last week!  We started the week with Mr. Gould coming in and doing a presentation to further enhance our understandi...