Friday, November 10, 2017

Week of Nov. 6th

The past week has been another week of learning and fun!  Students have completed multiple assessments in reading, writing and language.  This will assist us in getting report cards ready, as well as planning ahead to see what concepts need to be revisited and focused on.  Next week we have a few more assessments before we are finished.  I know they will be excited! :)

4th grade Writing: Students have worked hard on a few assessments to assist with report cards and planning for which concepts need more work.  Prepositions were introduced this week!  Students were given a bag of prepositions and a bag of nouns and had to pick one of each and make sentences.  Students were very creative with their sentences.  We will review some more and have an assessment next week.

In 5th Writing, students should be finishing their myths on Monday and illustrating Tuesday and Wednesday.  What fun it will be to share their myths to the first graders on Thursday.

Our Reading strategy for this week has been cause and effect, as well as continued working on summarizing.  "Wonder" has been a great novel to practice these strategies, as well as enjoy lively discussions around themes and events that are happening. * We want to take the students to go see "Wonder" at the theater as soon as we finish reading the book.  This is a great opportunity for students to be able to compare the book with the movie.  Please, if possible, don't have your students go watch it before.  More information to come as soon as we get a date.

In Projects, students were placed in groups of 3 and given a biome, each having a specific job to research as a zoologist, botanist or geographers.  Their assignment is to create a travel brochure about their biome, encouraging visitors to travel to the area and experience all that it has to offer.  Our goal is to have them completed by the end of next week.

Important Info:

  • Please continue to assist your child with turning in their Monday folder with reading log and Family Journals on Monday mornings. 
  • Math homework should be completed each night (Monday-Thursday).  Students miss out on other experiences in class when they have to leave. 
  • Parent-Teacher conferences will be held Dec. 8th so watch for an email with Genius Sign-Up to sign up after we get back from Thanksgiving break. 

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