Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week of March 12-15

Highlights of our week:

In writing, students have continued working on their opinion writing pieces.  They are writing about suggestions for changes in our school.  Students have finished their rough drafts and have begun the revising process.

Students will be presenting their end of the book culmination projects from book clubs on Monday and Tuesday.  They chose from a variety of newspaper articles and diaries.  I'm excited to see their end product.

Science has been full of fun as we explored the layers of the earth with a strawberry layered dessert, attempted to put the continents together to create Pangea and had some discussion on tectonic plates.  Students also began working in groups to gain further understanding about the 4 spheres- biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere and how they interact together.

  • Thank you so much to those of you who brought in the supplies needed for terrariums.  We should have the rest of the supplies in by Thursday and will build them then.  If you did not send supplies in next week, please do so by Wednesday.  We need a large mouth jar or plastic 2 liter bottle, a small plant that will fit inside, and some small pebbles that can be gathered from outside. 
  • Report cards will not be sent home prior to Parent Conferences.  Parent Conferences will be student led and held on Friday April 13th and you will receive report cards at that time. 
  • Our planetarium field trip is scheduled for April 20th.  Please check your schedules and I will get a solid count in a couple of weeks.
  • Spring Break is the first week of April.  We only have a couple of weeks until then!  

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