Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oct. 16th week

What an exciting week we had!  It was so good to see most of you able to come and see your child's presenting skills on Wednesday.  Students were able to present and show their artifacts and information they learned from their research of their tribes, along with using their voice to try and be heard. :) Thank you for coming, students look forward to seeing their parents.

We will be wrapping up our narratives on Monday.  The final version, along with an illustration will be posted in the hall later this week.  Stop by and take a look! 

In reading, students are working on different strategies through group work as well as word work and journal writing.  We are all enjoying our class book, "Wonder" that we read and Mondays and Wednesdays. Students are learning how to predict, infer and respond with evidence from the text.  They are also building their empathy skills and vocabulary. 

Another highlight of the week was going to see Mr. Kelly and experience a virtual experience with "Google Expeditions."  Students loved being able to feel like you are right there in the middle of an international Pow-Wow.  Although they had to take breaks, they all seemed to really enjoy the experience. Students did a deep clean of the room to pick up all the beads, feathers and leaves left behind from artifact building and enjoyed a Halloween sugar cookie to end our week. 

  • A big thank you to all of you for coming on Wednesday!  Thank you also to the Gusewelle and Carroll families for providing jars for the class for our upcoming project. 
  • Halloween is coming up and students are able to wear costumes on the 31st.  There will be a school wide parade so students can check out everyone's costumes and we will be having a Halloween party that afternoon.  Thank you to those who volunteered to help! 
  • Please call the office by 9:00 if your child is going to be absent. 

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