Monday, October 30, 2017

October 23 Week

Here's a look at what we've been doing at school:

Writing:  We started our Myth writing unit this week.  Students began by performing various Native American Reader's Theater. We talked about characteristics of a myth and then students read a myth and began to brainstorm ideas they would like to focus their myths on.  Completed myths will become picture books for younger students.

Reading: Students are developing vocabulary skills through Quizlet Live using their vocabulary words from Wonder, as well as responding to journal and reading prompts. Students are working on Daily 3 on Tuesday and Thursday, reading their own books, working on writing and word work, using either IXL or vocabulary word wall.  I meet with small groups regularly to work on specific skills during the rotations.

Science: We started our new unit and students have been involved in a variety of activities.  They "planted" seeds in a glass jar without dirt, experimenting with hydroponics, next they presented a Reader's Theater about plants to the 2nd graders.  Finally, they created documents to store all the new vocabulary words that are related to ecosystems and biomes.

Students were able to cash in their Class Dojo points on Thursday and will be able to enjoy them throughout the month.

Book Fair is this week! Our class will go on Monday afternoon to check out what they have.  Students will be able to go before school, at lunch and after school.  Family night is Thursday Nov. 2nd so plan to come and bring the family.

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