Monday, December 11, 2017

December 4th-7th

We had another busy week last week.  With parent conferences, as well as everything else, I put the blog on the back burner and am just not getting to it.  Please forgive me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with almost all of you for parent-conferences.  Thank you for taking the time to come in!

Last week in writing, we started persuasive writing and students have been working hard on an opinion writing piece giving reasons and evidence for the perfect gift.

In Reading, we have continued to work on the book "Wonder" and are almost at the end.  I have enjoyed hearing good feedback from almost all of my students about the book.  Last week the strategy we focused on was recognizing literary elements in our reading.  Students were able to notice some foreshadowing, figurative language and pick out a few different themes that are in "Wonder".  We will finish the book next week and do a few activities before we go see the movie.  The tentative date is for Wednesday January 10th after we get back from the break.

In projects, students made the lyrics up to a song based on one of the science concepts that we have worked on.  They all did an AMAZING job! They performed for 3rd grade on Wednesday for extra practice, then on Thursday they performed for the 6th and 8th graders.  I was so proud of all of them!  It takes a lot of courage to get up and sing.

Holiday Plans: Students drew names for "Secret Gifts" last week.  Please don't spend more than $5-$10 on the gift.  Have students bring them to school anytime next week, by Wednesday at the latest so I can get a gift if someone forgot or wasn't able to.  If you are unable to, please let me know as soon as possible.  We will be doing the gift exchange Thursday as well as doing a little craft and watching a movie.  If you would like to bring some snacks in for the kids for Thursday, please let me know soon.  I have a couple of parents who are bringing something, but need a few more items.  I appreciate all your support!  Have a wonderful week.

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