Monday, February 19, 2018

Week of Feb. 12-15

We had an exciting week last week!  We started the week with Mr. Gould coming in and doing a presentation to further enhance our understanding of renewable and non-renewable energy sources to help students wrap up their informational essays. We incorporated a science standard in with our writing.  Students writing pieces are looking good and will be finished on Tuesday.  On Wednesday will begin a quick informational writing piece on George Washington to assess students informational writing skills.
  • Reading has kept students on their toes.  Most groups finished Meeting #2 last week.  I want to let you parents know that students can bring their books home and work on their reading or assignments due for their meeting date.  Students choose their meeting date and need to have a summary with red level question, reading response, their job, and their word detective finished before their meeting day.  Last week a few students were not ready to go, so I reminded them that it is their responsibility to have everything finished and ready to go for their meeting.  They are encouraged to take it home if they are not able to get it done in class and can use that for their 20 minutes of reading.  The summary is very quick.  Students should have plenty of time to get it done in class. 
  • We wrapped up our social studies unit/project on the 13 colonies.  Students presented a variety of projects about their specific colony, including skits, display boards and news discussions.  They presented to each other and the other 5th grade class Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday a few groups presented to Mrs. Weed's 8th grade class.  My students love to show their skills off! Following the presentations to the 8th grade, they took a quiz which will come home next week. 
  • We will begin our science unit on space and stars Tuesday.  IF anyone has glass jars, shoe boxes or flashlights they are willing to donate (flashlights will be returned, please put your name on it)  I would appreciate it greatly! We need them for a couple of hands on projects we will be doing this week. 
Valentines Day was a fun time had by all.  Students earned time to play games so they passed out valentines, ate some delicious snacks thanks to many of you and enjoyed game time.  I was able to finally introduce  my granddaughter to my students and she loved dancing and visiting with the kids. 

Important Information
  • Field trip to Fleischmann Planetarium will be on Friday, March 2nd.  We have plenty of drivers if something comes up.  We will be viewing the program "From Earth to the Universe" in the planetarium and touring the exhibit hall, followed by a sack lunch on the grounds. We will be leaving the school at 8:30 am and returning at approximately 1:30 pm. Permission slips will be coming home this week.  Please return by Monday, February 26th.
  • As our 2nd trimester ends on March 8th, students will be participating in several language arts and reading assessments to help gauge growth of learning. Please remind your child to do their best and get lots of rest! 

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