Friday, January 26, 2018

Week of January 22-26

We have been busy finalizing projects and getting new ones started the last couple of weeks. We had a great time going to see "Wonder" at the movie theater and my students were awesome! 

In writing we have started a new Informational piece of writing.  We are using a science standard to cover this area.  Students are researching different topics on energy conservation.  They will research what their chosen topic is, why it is important, what others are doing and finally, how we can implement some ways in our community, home and at Oasis Academy.  We had a great presentation by Mr. Carroll that talked about energy conservation.  The kids were engaged and asking lots of questions!  I loved it!  Thank you Mr. Carroll!  Next week will be doing a virtual field trip to keep students interest level peeked and on target.

In reading we have started Book Clubs.  So far, I am amazed at some of the conversations I am hearing in some of the groups.  We had to change a couple of books once we got started so they are at different points in their reading plans.  Each student has their own job which they are responsible to be ready for on their meeting date.  They have to find new or interesting words for their word detective as well as write a summary of the assigned reading and a red level question to discuss with their group.  I can't wait to hear the discussions during their first meeting.  We also have our 40 book challenge going on. Their Book Club book does count toward this (some students were worried it didn't)  and I'm so excited to see so many vigorously reading their books and then whining when time is up... (don't tell them that I like the whines) ;) Keep encouraging them at home!

We have also started a new launch into our next project on the 13 colonies.  We have been doing some activities all week for some background knowledge, which will continue throughout the unit, and Thursday they were able to make new Tribe names/posters and plan out their project.  I will be anxious to see their final products. 

  • BOOK ORDERS are due by MONDAY.  I extended it a week in case more of you would like to order.  New books are a great way to get your kids excited about reading!  I love it when kids are excited for the order and then we get new ones in the classroom also!  Please consider ordering.  I'll send another one out next month.  
  • Thanks for sharing your kids- I am loving each unique personality!  

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