Saturday, February 3, 2018

Week of January 29- February 1st.

Students have been working hard this week!  Highlight of the week include:

Writing: Our Informational Reports on Energy Conservation are coming along.  We have been doing a few different things to help build background knowledge.  This week we watched a "virtual field trip" to the Mojave Desert and to Palmyra Atoll Islands to learn more about how we get energy, without harming nature.  We learned how they are using wind and sunlight as renewable resources.  Students should have completed their introductory paragraph and will continue working on their body paragraphs this week as they wrap up their research.

Reading: Most students had their first Book Club meeting this week and they did awesome!  I was impressed with students who had the job of Discussion Director and kept their group on task.  We discussed what we need to work on and found that the deeper level thinking question was more difficult then they realized.  This week we will focus on a few mini lessons to help them with digging deeper and being attentive listeners.

Projects: Each tribe has been researching details about their designated Colony and have started plans for their project to convince others to move to their Colony.  I am excited for their creativity to shine through commercials, skits, and display boards for their presentations.  Students will present to our class and the other 5th grade class this Thursday and Monday 2/12.

  • Specials changed this week and they are now in Lego Robotics.  Mrs. Keitz has a wonderful time with the students and they have been excited for Tuesday and Thursday. Monday and Wednesdays are still P.E. 
  • This week we are going to begin some weekly lessons focusing on Growth Mindset and discussions about how we treat others.  We will also continue to work in small groups to determine the meaning of a work by how it is used within the context of a text. 

Important Information: 
  • Students have earned a "game party" for everyone achieving at least 75 Class DoJo points per students so far in the year.  I am planning to have the party in conjunction with Valentines Day. 
    • Valentines Day is coming up on 2/14 and students will be able to bring Valentines if they wish.  If they bring them, please include everyone in the class. 
    •  If you need a class list, let me know and I'll get you one. 
    • IF you would like to donate food for the celebration (cookies, fruit, drinks, etc.)  please let me know so I can plan accordingly. 
  • The second trimester end on March 8th.  We will be assessing students in a variety of areas of the next few weeks in preparation for report cards.  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be in April. 
  • Sex Education for 5th grade will be held on Thursdays in March during their "specials" time. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Your children are all amazing individuals. 

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