Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week of January 8-11th

I want to apologize- I started the blog last week and saved it, then forgot to finish and left town! Oops!  Here is a glance at last week:

Writing- We have been working on an informative essay based on the book "Wonder."  We will be wrapping this up on Tuesday and moving into an informative essay on ways to save our environment.  We will be covering a Science standard through our writing process.

Reading- Students worked hard to create a project based on our book.  Some of them were able to present on Thursday and did so great!  I look forward to hearing the rest of them Tuesday.  Next week we will be starting book clubs in class as well as wrapping up all our "Wonder" projects.

  • If your child has not told you about their new reading challenge, here it is:  
    • We are doing a 40 book challenge!!  I'm really excited about it and so far so are the kids! 
    • They will read 40 books of different genres.  I want them to appreciate all different kinds of book and am hoping this will open their minds to endless possibilities.  I am taking on the challenge with them and so far, I am not doing as well as they are! I've got to pick up my pace. :) 
    • Please talk and discuss books with your children and take the challenge with us!  If you are interested, let me know and I'll send a few papers home for you! 
  • We will be watching "Wonder" on Wednesday.  I am so excited!! I waited so still have not seen the movie.  We will be eating lunch in the classroom Wednesday, leave at 12:30 and return to the school around 3:30.  Don't forget to send in your permission slips and $5.00.  Students will not be able to purchase other snacks there.  
Projects- We started a Kindness Mission!! I have loved seeing your children writing notes, cleaning cubbies, being a better friend and just overall, being a little kinder to see what can happen.  They are amazing kids!! 
We have been working on our states and capitals, so have your children practice!  We will finish up next Thursday and start on the colonization of the United States the following week. 

Thanks for all your support! 

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